Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bohemian Glide

Have you ever tried to skate on roller blades?? If you haven't you'd better try it now. Guys…it's awesome fun! You must try this at least once in your life time. The smooth glissade is really an amazing experience. Though you'll fall a lot initially, once you learn the trick, it's incredible.

After a long week of work it's really our call to relax. Work hard and play harder is true Singaporean style. People work very hard for five days and enjoy for the next two days with the money they earn. As usual we were planning a Friday night fever but one of my friends, working here in a MNC asked me to go out along with few of his colleagues for a rollerblade session.

Though I was very reluctant at first, I later agreed to try this out. There were few school kids waiting for us at the ground that night. These people were a bunch of school kids who were expecting their high school results at the end of the month and so in the mean time they wanted to make some money. So they started lending their roller blade kits on an hourly basis. And not only do they lend their blades, they also teach people like us to glide. Look at their entrepreneurship and enthusiasm. I really admire their spirits and thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Started with a V march, T march, Scooters, 6 step V march and glide and so on. It was a long lasting night which was totally worth it.

"Always keep your knees bent", "don’t lean backwards, lean in the front", "don’t look down", "fall in front and don’t fall back", etc are a few of the common tips you get to hear from them. And finally now I know to skate on roller blades.

I'm hoping to return there next weekend too but also can’t miss the clubbing. So I think I'm going to plan the clubbing on Saturday. Hey...did I ever write a post about clubbing in Singapore? Not yet? I will do it ASAP. Keep watching this space. Until then. Bye!

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