Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun with the Freshers

An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life. Singapore’s education system teaches us to make a life and not a living! In my course we dedicate our time and efforts to several pursuits, some academic and several non academic.
One of the major teams I am associated with is our Graduate Students Association. This is a graduate student body which works for the betterment and development of graduate students. We take up lot of activities here in college that are both academic and non-academic. It ranges from local industrial outings to cultural trips and regional conferences. To be associated with this executive team is one of the rarest opportunities. This has taught me many new skills and also helped me find many new friends!
As always, the current year’s association activity started out with a freshers program. But, this year we decided to do things with a twist. The motive of the program is to informally welcome freshmen and to interact with them. This usually it happens in a small closed air conditioned room where people comfortably sit, eat the snacks and push off. In order to make this activity really effective and lively, this time we decided to take the freshers along with us to the Singapore Botanical gardens and have some fun.
You know what? It was real memorable. Everyone really had an enjoyable time and made many new friends. I think this time the freshers program achieved its objective and how! Though the rain tried its best to stop us but it couldn’t make us its victim. With a range of innovative games organized by the team, we spent half a day of fun at those gardens. Do you wanna see all the fun? Check out my albums and videos on you tube.
Do watch this space to know more. There's lots coming up!


  1. Hi Thanner,

    I think you have an interesting blog which features you, a foreigner being a student in Singapore. It allows me to look at Singapore at a different point of view and discover what myself as a Singaporean would not notice about. Great to know that you are also having fun while coping with studies in Singapore.

    Jane Sim

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